IBOR Transition Go-Live

We are delighted to announce the successful go-live of the first milestone of the IBOR discontinuation (Discounting Switch) at a major pan-GCC international financial institution.

The go-live is the first delivery part of a large program that covers all bank’s retail, wholesale, and capital markets operations. The involvement of Fenixys started by assessing the impact of the IBOR indices discontinuation on IT systems, putting in place a target architecture, a budget, and an execution plan. As a continuation of these services, Fenixys has also been delivering Capital Markets and Treasury projects by leveraging years of solid Murex expertise and business advisory.

This was a significant step in the complex journey of transitioning away from IBOR to the new RFRs indices and we are looking forward to more success in the upcoming phases.

What's new at Fenixys?

About us

Fenixys was founded in 2016 by Eric Rosso when he saw a gap in the specialized capital markets and treasury consulting sector to create a more efficient and innovative advisory solution. The team has grown steadily since 2016, each new profile having at least 10 years’ experience delivering Murex and other capital markets and treasury solution to banks.


Fenixys proposes tailor-made advisory solutions to meet the needs of financial institutions wanting to transform their capital markets and treasury activities.

The main challenges faced by these institutions are:

  • IT transformation is not the core activity of a bank

  • The depth and breadth of the required transformation

  • The plethora of IT systems, developed in-house or by third-party system vendors that are impacted by this transformation

  • Finding the right way to collaborate efficiently with business teams, in-house development teams, third-party system vendors and system integrators to achieve a common goal

  • Controlling the cost of far-reaching and strategic transformation

We help our customers achieve their transformation goals thanks to our experience and a close working relationship with our clients. We see ourselves as part of your team and want to get as close as possible to the challenges that you face.


Our Vision

We want to turn your business vision into reality by leveraging our unique business and technological know-how.

We will help you optimize your operating model and give you the means to transform it, guiding you from strategy to delivery.

We aim to have small operational advisory teams that deliver high added value changes.

We work with you as part of your team to weather the challenges together.

Our Added Value

  • Thanks to our unmatched capital markets and treasury transformation programme experience and understanding of your business, we help you transform the business and IT landscape and simplifying the full value chain of the bank. Our work is done embedded within your teams to make sure the skills and knowledge remain in your organization.

  • We know how to efficiently deliver small but frequent business-orientated minimum viable product (MVP) deliveries in a multi-system and multi-stakeholder environment.

  • We are a fully operational and experienced team with the capacity to secure the overall solution.

  • Our methodology is very flexible and can be tailormade to fit each client.

Join Fenixys

At Fenixys, anyone who joins us is encouraged to share their ideas and grow with the company as we advance on our shared journey together.