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Strategic Execution

Once a strategy is devised, one needs to plan as to how it shall be executed. While Strategies tend to focus on the longer term, everyone now expects measurable results very quickly. For that reason, Fenixys can help you translate your strategy through a program framing:

  • What will the program yield and when?

  • Prioritize some benefits over others

  • Build a business case and evangelize the strategy

To have successfully participated in such processes, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in concretizing your strategy with clear KPIs.

Our missions in this domain are:

  • Programme definition

  • Business Case construction

  • Strategy evangelization

Strategic Execution

Solutions Advisory

We have a long experience of working with Capital Markets firms and we have a holistic view of the value chain of the transaction: from trade origination to processing to finance to risk. Unfortunately, there is no single system that would provide all these capabilities although a few come close.

Fenixys will help you find the most appropriate solutions for your needs in terms of capabilities, integration and cost. As much as possible we will try to leverage your existing systems before considering buying or building.

Our mission in this domain include:

  • Reviewing the current environment and optimizing the usage of the systems in place by capability/cost

  • Advise on systems based on cost/capabilities

  • Advise on system integration & internal development

Solutions Advisory

Business Operating Model

A Business Operating Model is the combination of roles, systems, and processes that allow an organisation to deliver on its strategy. In effect, it is the way the business is set up to achieve its goals and meet future challenges. Thanks to our experience, we can review your current Operating Model. With our methodology, we can also draw a new target operating model for your firm and work with you to define a path to implement it.

A good business operating model will allow to:

  • Execute your strategy

  • Keep pace with market fast changes

  • Leverage your company’s strengths and differentiating factors


Our missions in this domain include:

  • Review of the current operating Model

  • Target Operating Model definition

  • Implementing a transition plan from the current to the target

  • Communication and onboarding of the key leaders

Business Operating Model

Enterprise Architecture

Aligning IT to the business is a sequential process that starts with understanding the business context and strategy, followed by defining the capabilities and requirements necessary to support that strategy. To serve as an input to this strategy formulation, we can start by drawing an architectural view of your enterprise, i.e. modeling its logical business functions or capabilities, business processes, roles and actors, the physical organization, data flows and stores, platform applications, hardware, and communications infrastructure.

Fenixys has experience putting in place Enterprise Architecture best practices, regarding:

  • Design: to achieve greater alignment between IT and Business.

  • Integration: to achieve greater simplification and coherency throughout the IT landscape, including the linking between strategy formulation and execution.

  • Ecosystem: to foster and maintain self-learning capabilities to innovate and coevolve with the environment.

Enterprise Architecture

Business Case

Creating a valid business case to undertake a re-platforming can be very difficult. We can help you define, refine and continuously validate the management’s vision and decisions, by mapping it to the future state of the bank’s architecture and operations.

The costs of re-platforming are significant and appear well before the long-term benefits, typically exceeding banks’ planning horizons of one to three years. The benefits of core replacement in terms of additional revenue are difficult to measure. Cases that are only made positive by such benefits tend to have less credibility with decision-makers who mainly seek a financial case.

Capital markets business cases are usually not built on financial benefits alone but tie the required benefits to your organization’s overall business strategy. Technical drivers for change (such as technology currency, system availability, infrastructure etc…) are not compelling if they do not clearly support the overarching business need.

An effective case considers all dimensions of your business when structuring your business case by assessing the benefits in terms of how they help to change the business, run the business, and manage the business.

Business Case

Outsourcing Strategy and Evaluation

To optimize running costs or to reduce the costs of a program, one can often consider to source skills either nearshore or offshore. We have the experience and knowledge to advise and guide you to establish or reinforce an outsourcing strategy. Assessing the roles that would be eligible for outsourcing, reviewing the efficiency of the strategy, controlling the turnaround of the resources are all activities that Fenixys has the knowledge for.

Our missions in this domain include:

  • Defining a strategy for outsourcing along with costs and benefits

  • Setting up a transition plan to execute the Outsourcing Strategy

  • Reviewing an existing Outsourcing strategy and assess it

Outsourcing Strategy & Evaluation

Commercial Negotiation and Contracting

As a trusted advisor who has been involved on multiple transformation deals in the past decade, Fenixys can help you optimize all key variables of your contractual negotiations with the software vendor - scope, time and money – under your constraints. We can intervene either simply under an advisory role where we ensure that the contract does match your needs and your expectations and line up with the business case and the deliveries of the programme. We can also act as a mediation agent between you and the vendor in a case to avoid any misunderstanding from either party which is usually the plague of such negotiations.

Our missions can be:

  • Advise on contract terms

  • Communicate with both parties to fasten the negotiations

  • Line up the contract with the programme deliveries to optimize cost

Commercial Negotiation & Contracting

Delivery Architecture

Thanks to our long experience delivering large Murex transformation programs, we have built a blueprint to enable and accelerate the target solution delivery, by applying market and technology know-how and best practices.

We can define optimal governance and delivery models with the client, we establish the collaboration model with the system provider, we advise on the team staffing, mobilise people at program inception and intervene during key phases of the program, including program turnarounds.

Delivery Architecture

Expert Resources Access

As part of your programme or BAU’s activities, you might lack some critical resources that occupy an essential role: be it a managerial role or an expert role. Fenixys has access to some of the best talents on the market and we also assess them.

As they are not Fenixys’ staff we offer a fair assessment of their skills and ensure a proper fit with your organization needs.

Expert Resources Access

Vendor Selection

Vendor selection consists of establishing the selection criteria, producing a selection questionnaire, assessing the different vendors and finally a negotiation phase. While it might appear as a trivial exercise, as Fenixys has the experience from both sides, there are frequent pitfalls: requirements constructed from the existing systems, misunderstandings of the capacities from the different vendors and non-comparable offers.  Fenixys can help you:

  • Define your requirements and present them as system agnostic as possible

  • Preparing your RFI/RFP in a way that would be easy to understand ensuring comparable answers between vendors

  • Bring a strong view of the different systems or providers on the markets and what to expect

  • Lead the selection process through the different steps

  • Take an active role during negotiations

Vendor Selection

Technical Architecture

To support your business requirements and digital transformation journey, we can help you define your technical architecture. Our combined business and technical expertise make our advisory unique, as successful technical architecture will always be driven from the business benefits and needs rather than driving them.

Our missions in this domain include:

  • Understanding your current technical landscape and designing your target architecture blueprint

  • Recommending the right technologies for your use case, considering your operational constraints

  • Defining the integration strategy between the systems

  • Defining and accompanying your cloud strategy

Technical Architecture
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