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Business Operating Model

A Business Operating Model is the combination of roles, systems and processes that allow an organisation to deliver on its strategy. In effect, it is the way the business is set up to achieve its goals and meet future challenges.

Thanks to our experience, we can review your current Operating Model. With our methodology, we can also draw a new target operating model for your firm and work with you to define a path to implement it.

A good business operating model will allow to:

  • Execute your strategy

  • Keep pace with market fast changes

  • Leverage your company’s strengths and differentiating factors


Our missions in this domain include:

  • Review of the current operating Model

  • Target Operating Model definition

  • Implementing a transition plan from the current to the target

  • Communication and onboarding of the key leaders


Contact Emmanuel Weber today to discuss your needs and how Fenixys can help you:




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