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Business Architect

Paris, London


Anas, Business Architect

“I like the vision, the team spirit and the disruptive start-up model. I am learning something new every day. It’s an amazing opportunity to have wide exposure to Capital Markets and Technology at the same time.”  


Marc, Senior Business Architect

“I joined Fenixys to be part of the company’s growth. I feel that we have the right mix of enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit and experience to make ideas come true. It is thrilling to see how initiatives and ideas are shared, challenged or adopted by the teams. Everyone can make an impact!”


Walid, Senior Business Consultant

“I recently jumped into the start-up world of Fenixys. Seeing the great team spirit and collaborative culture, I immediately knew it was the right decision.

I am surrounded by experts, delivering high quality and value to our clients while learning new skills and growing every day.

We are all taking part in the exciting journey of Fenixys, participating in key decisions from business development to growth strategy.”

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