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Delivering Value in an Agile Context

Most organisations are using Agile methodologies and in large-scale transformation projects, each delivery team is self-organised. Some challenges can be faced in this environment:

  • Agile can lack high-level direction for teams​

  • Each team is planning the value they will deliver at each sprint independently – there is a risk that the global progress is not consistent across streams​

To overcome these challenges, it is essential to ensure that all the teams are organised to deliver end-to-end value at the end of each sprint.

Agile teams are usually scaled using market available methodologies like SAFe and Nexus. These approaches improve overall delivery, but they lack focus on business value, especially in the specialised capital markets and treasury space.

Thanks to our unmatched experience in the capital markets and treasury space, Fenixys has been able to develop a value stream delivery methodology that complements the bank’s Agile and scaled Agile methodologies. With this methodology, Fenixys brings a clear view of the end-to-end business value that should be delivered, accelerating the definition of a minimum viable product (MVP) and the delivery of end-to-end value to the user.

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