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Regulatory & Compliance

Our advisory resources can help you keep track of regulatory developments, evaluate the effectiveness of existing compliance policies and procedures, and take a proactive approach to capital management, by assisting you in the design and implementation of specific modelling approaches, reporting systems, process requirements, and compliance programs. We can help you with the creation, enhancement, implementation, and evaluation of your frameworks in the following areas:

  • Compliance Risk

  • Capital Optimization and Management

Regulatory & Compliance


A few years back, we were part of the Murex initiative to implement CI/CD with customers to speed up the time to market and make the collaboration between Murex and the customer a lot more efficient.

We kept working with customers on that space to help them prioritize where test coverage needs to be extended and the best tools to automate such tests.

We strongly believe that CI/CD is essential to reduce costs, improve the speed and quality of deliveries. For that reason, we have a methodology to assess your progress on the CI/CD journey and to provide the steps to move towards a complete Continuous Deployment.

We also provide guidance on the tools to use and how to organize your teams to leverage your CI/CD implementation.


Financial Risk Management

Our advisory resources can help you navigate the new risk and regulatory environment. We bring the right combination of technology and regulatory skills to help you identify, measure and manage financial risks efficiently. We can help you with the creation, enhancement, implementation, and evaluation of your frameworks in the following areas:

  • Market Risk

  • Credit Risk

  • Liquidity Risk

We have experience with both standardized and internal model implementations.

Financial Risk Management


Many of Fenixys employees have worked for Murex for an extended period (10+ years). They have contributed to grow and establish Murex as the leading capital market software. Some achievements include developing out of the box delivery methodologies, building the client services practice or expanding the business. As such, we have a very intimate understanding of Murex: its strengths, its weaknesses, its roadmap, how to integrate, how to communicate. Fenixys more than any consulting company has a very privileged relationship with Murex making us the best advisor for any company considering or already using Murex.

A Murex instance is limited by how well it has been implemented and Fenixys will ensure your Murex programme or production will run as efficiently as possible thanks to:

  • Fenixys methodologies to deliver a Murex programme

  • Fenixys experience of running Murex in production and optimizing the running cost and efforts

Fenixys guidance to simplify and automate smaller Murex projects: such as upgrades, scope extension, configuration change…


Managed Services & SaaS

While we do not offer Managed Services (MS) directly ourselves, we have a strong view of the inconvenience and benefits brought by MS. MS (inclusive of SaaS) provide your company with access to expert resources that will handle some very specific operational tasks not strongly related to your value chain, for instance, infrastructure, maintenance, daily technical jobs, and upgrades.

As Fenixys we know how to run efficiently some large platforms such as Murex and we can ensure that as part of your MS solution you will benefit from such methods making sure that you leverage to the fullest your implementation.

Be it a greenfield implementation or transitioning a production environment to an external party, Fenixys has the experience you need to:

  • Define SLAs between yourself and the servicing company

  • Establish a transition plan and follow its execution

  • Define the scope eligible to MS

  • Evaluate the capabilities and offerings from different service providers

  • Build your requirements (business, technical, regulatory) for the solution to be viable

Managed Services & SaaS

Financial Accounting

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the regulation of capital markets has impacted all banking activities. From the adoption of IFRS 9 and FRTB, we have seen an alignment between financial accounting and financial risk management. This new environment requires profiles with strong financial accounting expertise and an understanding of financial risk. Fenixys can provide advisory and operational profiles with cross accounting and risk domain expertise to help interpret regulatory and business requirements. These profiles can help leverage and adapt the best in-house and market technology to meet the quickly changing regulatory context.

Some examples of areas where Fenixys can assist with the creation, enhancement, implementation, and evaluation of your activities and solutions:

  • Consolidation/optimization of sub-ledger and general ledger activities

  • Hedge accounting including macro/portfolio hedge

  • IFRS 13 (CVA & other VAs in accounting)

  • FRTB impacts on accounting

  • Front-to-back integration with accounting

Financial Accounting

Processing and Operations

Banks have moved towards high-volume low-risk transactions away from more complex and risky products in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The change means that the improvement and optimisation of processing and operations have become a critical factor in ensuring the viability of the capital market and treasury activities. Our team has unmatched experience in streamlining processing and operations for banks. Having accompanied some of the most important actors in the market for processing and operations, we can advise on how to structure these activities to adapt to the high-volume, low-risk context. We have the skills and experience to dive into details of the challenges faced by business actors and the technical knowledge and understanding to advise on how to find the most optimal solution for them.

Processing & Operations

Programme Delivery

Programme Delivery is at the heart of Fenixys’ knowledge. We participated in many transformation programmes. Not only did we take part in the programme, but we also capitalized on our experiences to establish a proven methodology that covers all steps in a programme from its initiation to its complete execution.

The methodology encompasses the organization around the programme: board setup, decision organs, roles in the different teams, building the requirements and programme plan: focus on the business value for each sprint, team ramp-up and skill build.

For these reasons and our track record, Fenixys is the assurance to succeed in any transformation programme.

Programme Delivery

Electronic Trading

Simplification of the trades, higher volumes, electronic trading has completely taken over the trading activity representing over 99% of the trade volume. This means that Capital Markets firms need to be able to adapt to this flow of transactions and the importance of a solid IT infrastructure is essential.

As per our close collaborations with banks, Fenixys has strong expertise when it comes to trading venues, platform solutions, integration and reconciliation

Electronic Trading
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