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Many of Fenixys employees have worked for Murex for an extended period (10+ years). They have contributed to grow and establish Murex as the leading capital market software. Some achievements include developing out of the box delivery methodologies, building the client services practice or expanding the business. As such, we have a very intimate understanding of Murex: its strengths, its weaknesses, its roadmap, how to integrate, how to communicate. Fenixys more than any consulting company has a very privileged relationship with Murex making us the best advisor for any company considering or already using Murex.

A Murex instance is limited by how well it has been implemented and Fenixys will ensure your Murex programme or production will run as efficiently as possible thanks to:

  • Fenixys methodologies to deliver a Murex programme

  • Fenixys experience of running Murex in production and optimizing the running cost and efforts

Fenixys guidance to simplify and automate smaller Murex projects: such as upgrades, scope extension, configuration change…

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