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Requirements and Design Management

Requirements are the driving forces of what is delivered to business in an IT transformation project and therefore a vital communication tool for the different project actors:

  • used by business sponsors & SMEs to express the scope and what should be delivered

  • used by BAs to express what is required to teams and product vendors

Managing requirements in an efficient way are key to a successful program, avoiding costly delays caused by analysis paralysis.

Requirements should be concise, complete, understandable and executable.

Requirements should be delivered iteratively, prioritised correctly and follow a strong minimum viable product (MVP) principle.

Requirements should not be delivered too early to avoid having to review them at a later stage.

Thanks to our extensive experience in complex and ambitious transformation programmes, Fenixys has developed key accelerators to manage programme requirements efficiently. These accelerators concern not only the management of the requirements from analysis to testing but also how to optimise the programme governance and organisation to create and nurture a strong requirements management process within the organisation.

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