Treasury and Capital Markets

We know banks. At our core, we have been working with Capital markets and treasury firms from the 90s to today addressing the mutations and emerging needs along the way. We have the history and we are ready to accompany you on the journey to simplify and transform the bank today.

Today banks are going through massive changes between regulations, electronification and emerging Fintechs, more than ever they need to adapt and leverage their key capabilities to overperform the market.


Asset Management

We know Asset Managers. We have worked with them to help them minimize their overheads while making sure they maximize the benefits from the systems they are using.

In a current context of low returns and higher demand for regulations and transparency, more than ever it is essential to have the right strategy and implement it swiftly and efficiently. Fenixys has the knowledge and know-how to do so.



We know clearers. We have been fortunate to be involved in projects between system vendors and clearers to be at the heart of their activity and understand the challenges they face today: handling larger volumes in a fast and transparent way, offering coverage for more products with a very strong pressure on costs.

Fenixys has the experience and the skills to help you devise and implement your strategy and to optimize your existing operating model.



We are a fintech. You have great ideas but the barriers to get in the capital markets space are high and can be treacherous. At Fenixys, we know your challenges in terms of developing and piercing on the market. We will share our long experience on how to engage with capital markets firms and integrate into their landscape so you have all the keys to grow and expand.