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Vendor Selection

Vendor selection consists in establishing the selection criteria, producing a selection questionnaire, assessing the different vendors and finally a negotiation phase.

While it might appear as a trivial exercise, as Fenixys has the experience from both sides, there are frequent pitfalls: requirements constructed from the existing systems, misunderstandings of the capacities from the different vendors and non-comparable offers.

Fenixys can help you:

  • Define your requirements and present them as system agnostic as possible

  • Preparing your RFI/RFP in a way that would be easy to understand ensuring comparable answers between vendors

  • Bring a strong view of the different systems or providers on the markets and what to expect

  • Lead the selection process through the different steps

  • Take an active role during negotiations

Contact <NAME> today to discuss your needs and how Fenixys can help you:

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