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Financial Accounting

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the regulation of capital markets has impacted all banking activities. From the adoption of IFRS 9 and FRTB, we have seen an alignment between financial accounting and financial risk management. This new environment requires profiles with strong financial accounting expertise and an understanding of financial risk. Fenixys can provide advisory and operational profiles with cross accounting and risk domain expertise to help interpret regulatory and business requirements. These profiles can help leverage and adapt the best in-house and market technology to meet the quickly changing regulatory context.

Some examples of areas where Fenixys can assist with the creation, enhancement, implementation, and evaluation of your activities and solutions:

  • Consolidation/optimisation of sub-ledger and general ledger activities

  • Hedge accounting including macro/portfolio hedge

  • IFRS 13 (CVA & other VAs in accounting)

  • FRTB impacts on accounting

  • Front-to-back integration with accounting

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