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Managed Services & SaaS

While we do not offer Managed Services (MS) directly ourselves, we have a strong view of the inconvenience and benefits brought by MS. MS (inclusive of SaaS) provide your company with access to expert resources that will handle some very specific operational tasks not strongly related to your value chain, for instance, infrastructure, maintenance, daily technical jobs, and upgrades.

As Fenixys we know how to run efficiently some large platforms such as Murex and we can ensure that as part of your MS solution you will benefit from such methods making sure that you leverage to the fullest your implementation.

Be it a greenfield implementation or transitioning a production environment to an external party, Fenixys has the experience you need to:

  • Define SLAs between yourself and the servicing company

  • Establish a transition plan and follow its execution

  • Define the scope eligible to MS

  • Evaluate the capabilities and offerings from different service providers

Build your requirements (business, technical, regulatory) for the solution to be viable

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